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The MICHELIN TPMS comes as standard with four robust sensors, plus you can buy a pack of four Trailer Sensors in our online store. This enables the system to monitor up to eight tyres on a single journey, making it perfect for those who wish to tow a light trailer or caravan. The additional sensors are also suitable for fitment to vans, minibuses or motorhomes with twin rear wheels.

We’ve designed the product to be truly ‘plug and play’ – the TPMS sensors replace the regular valve caps and auto-pair with the LCD screen to provide low-pressure warnings via a flashing light every 20 seconds, should a tyre become under-inflated by 15%.

An audible alert is added when the pressure either drops by 25%, or should the tyre be over-inflated by 35% or more.

For fast leakage (at least 2 psi per minute), lights flash in addition to an audible alarm, alerting the driver to pull over.

There is also an alert should the internal tyre temperature exceed 90 degrees Celsius. This is the level which can indicate possible brake or hub issues within the axle, or the tyre getting too hot – often the sign of an impending blowout.

The system also allows the driver to check tyre pressures at the press of a button – without getting out of the vehicle or connecting a pressure gauge to the valve, which is unhygienic and removes air from the tyre.

MICHELIN TPMS is suitable for tyres with pressures from 22 – 86 psi.

A study of tyres in the UK by Michelin has found that:

  • An alarming three quarters of drivers were running on under-inflated tyres.*
  • 3% of cars checked were running with a punctured tyre.*
  • More than 50% of drivers had tyres that were classified as dangerously under-inflated (7 psi or more below the recommended pressure).*

* Michelin “Fill up with Air” data


Our patented ‘search and assign’ technology allows drivers to hook up to any light trailer or caravan with matching TPMS sensors (sold separately in our online store), without any programming required. The display unit will then cycle between displaying pressures for the vehicle and the trailer.

Under-inflation on towed caravans or trailers can be particularly dangerous, as if a tyre begins to lose pressure mid-journey, it’s unlikely the driver will realise until the vehicle’s handling has already been compromised – with potentially catastrophic consequences.

By fitting a MICHELIN TPMS, the pressure in those tyres is automatically monitored throughout the journey, with instant driver alerts in the event an issue is detected.

The MICHELIN TPMS kit comes as standard with:

  • Solar-powered display unit (LCD screen)
  • Four sensors to replace the original valve caps
  • Four locking wheel nuts – with accompanying spanner (optional fit)
  • USB charging cable for display unit (for backup use – see FAQs)
  • Installation instructions

The pack of Trailer Sensors includes:

  • Four sensors to replace the original valve caps
  • Four locking wheel nuts
Pick up your MICHELIN TPMS – £79.95 (inc VAT)
  • “The TPMS lets drivers keep on top of pressures from the comfort of their cabin.”

    Auto Express

  • “Michelin has a TPMS which will help caravanners with its simplicity.”

    Out & About Live

  • “Although modern cars get OE-spec TPMS, this system is far superior and adds a lot of value.”

    Free Car Mag

  • “The MICHELIN TPMS will help you keep safe when driving with or without your caravan.”


  • “A great warning system against a slow puncture or significant loss in tyre pressure.”

    Land Rover Monthly

  • “Definitely a practical and healthy addition to any Land Rover.”

    Land Rover Monthly

  • “This tyre pressure monitoring system is a doddle to fit and lets you keep on top of your pressures at a glance.”

    Land Rover Owner International

  • “The new version now has a display that shows the tyre pressures, rather than just an indication that the pressure has dropped.”

    MMM – The Motorhomers’ Magazine


Can it really be fitted in just a few minutes?

Yes, it really is that simple!

Once the kit has been fitted, please ensure that you drive the vehicle immediately for the sensors to auto-pair with the windscreen-mounted receiver.

How long is the warranty?

The system is warranted to be free from manufacturing defects and is guaranteed for a period of 12 months from date of purchase.


What do I do if I have a technical issue?

MICHELIN TPMS is designed to be ‘plug and play’ and we’d be surprised if you encounter any technical issues. But if you do, just get in touch via our contact us page and we’ll provide prompt assistance.


Do the external sensors corrode?

The sensors use a thread which is nickel-plated. This will avoid corrosion with valve stems such as aluminium. During winter when the roads are heavily salted, it is advisable to take precautions and periodically remove the sensors for checking.

When cleaning my wheels can I wash the sensors?

This is not a problem, however please avoid using specific wheel cleaning chemicals which may, in some cases, attach themselves to the sensor. This may give the effect of a discolouration of the sensor, which can only be removed with rigorous cleaning.


What speeds can the system operate at?

MICHELIN TPMS has been tested at high speeds. If you have a Bugatti Veyron on your driveway, it’ll still work perfectly!


What range can the system work over – i.e. when working with trailers?

The sensors have been tested over 50 metres in free air. However, when the sensor is positioned within a wheel arch and the receiver mounted on the windscreen, there is increased interference. We recommend keeping the sensors within 7 metres of the receiver, but this is a conservative guide only.

Do I need to fit batteries?

The windscreen-mounted display unit is solar powered, but should even charge on an overcast day too, provided it can clearly see the sky.

Each TPMS sensor has a built-in battery projected to last 3-5 years, depending on vehicle use and applications. An accelerometer in each sensor allows it to sleep when stationary for a period, only waking up once the journey starts – to maximise battery conservation.

How do I program my correct pressure settings into the unit?

Quite simply, you don’t. We’ve designed our TPMS sensors to automatically calibrate to your tyre pressures when first installed. This is unique to our system, avoiding the need for bulky monitor-style receivers with fiddly buttons. Simply ensure your tyres are correctly inflated when cold before installation.

How many sensors can the system monitor in a journey?

Up to eight tyres can be monitored on a journey, making it perfect for operation with caravans, horsebox trailers and other light trailers.


Don’t all new cars have to have a TPMS fitted as standard by the manufacturer?

Yes, all new cars in the UK since 2014 must have a TPMS – but these tend to only alert the driver when a tyre has lost at least 25% of its pressure, whereas a MICHELIN TPMS provides an initial alert at 15% under-inflation. Also, they often don’t include a simple way of checking pressures at the touch of a button (access to the TPMS can be hidden in sub-menus), nor alerts to heat build-up in a tyre – often the sign of an impending blowout. Many customers therefore elect to fit a MICHELIN TPMS for maximum protection. Alternatively, they consider a MICHELIN Pressure Checker if they simply want to be able to quickly and easily check their tyre pressures hygienically and without loss of air.


What happens if a sensor is damaged in an accident or needs replacing out of warranty?

Replacement sensors can be purchased at any time – just get in touch with us.


Are the sensors waterproof?

The sensors are waterproof and have been tested to IP67 rating which is a 1 metre depth. However, we don’t recommend that they are left immersed in water permanently as this can cause corrosion over time.


What happens if my display unit battery power is low?

Leaving its solar cells in direct sunlight for approximately 10 minutes will fully charge the receiver. The receiver will also charge if left in light on a cloudy day but will take a little longer.


Why does the system come with a charging cable?

The receiver features a highly-efficient solar panel which charges during normal daylight hours (not just in sunlight). Even when parked in a dark environment (such as a garage) for a long period of time, the receiver should recharge within minutes of being re-introduced to daylight. However, we include the charging cable as an additional fail safe – enabling you to re-establish the receiver very quickly to a full charge.

Can the system be used with rubber valves?

Yes, the system is designed for fitment to either metal or high quality rubber valve stems without damage.

Can the sensors be fitted to rubber valves?

Yes – these sensors are some of the lightest on the market at less than 8 grams each, and have been successfully tested at speeds of up to 330 km/h. However, it is suggested that where you are fitting these sensors to rubber valves (which perish over time, the same as tyres), that you check to ensure they are in good condition and not damaged prior to fitment. You should continue to check the valves regularly, as part of your tyre safety checks.

If my car already has an on-board TPMS, can I fit the system directly to my caravan or trailer?

Yes, you can simply purchase a MICHELIN TPMS and fit the sensors directly to the tyres on your caravan or light trailer. However, the display unit must be fitted inside your vehicle, to ensure you can see and hear any alerts whilst driving.

Be aware that many factory-fitted TPMS set-ups on modern cars tend to only alert the driver when a tyre has lost at least 25% of its pressure, whereas a MICHELIN TPMS provides an initial alert at 15% under-inflation. Also, they often don’t include a simple way of checking pressures at the touch of a button, nor alerts to heat build-up in a tyre. Many customers therefore elect to fit our complete system for maximum protection.

Do I have to affix the display unit to the windscreen?

The display unit is solar powered and designed to be fitted to the windscreen, avoiding the need to recharge the battery manually. However, if preferred, you can attach the unit to another part of your dashboard, and power it via the supplied USB cable. The charging point is situated on the display unit’s left-hand side.

Installation instructions

MICHELIN TPMS is quick and easy to install, and takes just a few minutes.

Fitting instructions are included with every boxed kit.


MICHELIN TPMS comes with a 12-month warranty.

To register your product for the warranty, please click here.

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