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By: Fit2Go TPMS / 9th September 2019 /

Why the MICHELIN Pressure Checker is a must-have accessory for all road users

The MICHELIN Pressure Checker allows drivers to know the precise pressure of each of their tyres quickly and with minimum effort. On a typical car it takes roughly 30 seconds to check all four pressures, while the easy-to-use system is equally as effective on bicycles, motorbikes, caravans and pretty much any type of light vehicle with a tyre valve fitted.

Most vehicle and tyre manufacturers advise tyre pressures are checked at least once a month and before any long journey, to support safe and efficient motoring.

But why is it so important to maintain the correct pressures in your tyres? This blog explains more….

Improved safety

Correctly inflated tyres are paramount for maintaining the safety of all road users. Under-inflated tyres are the most common cause of tyre failure or a blowout. This can result in loss of control and a potential accident. With tyres that are correctly inflated, this is far less likely to happen. Over- and under-inflated tyres will also impact the effectiveness of your vehicle’s braking, another major safety issue.

Extended lifespan

Ensuring your tyres are running on the correct pressures* will mean they are far less susceptible to wear and tear and, therefore, will last much longer than tyres that are under- or over-inflated. Tyres that are not checked often typically lose around 1 Psi every month. A 20% under-inflated tyre can cover 20% less mileage. That means a loss of 5,000 miles on a potential mileage of 25,000 miles.

Saving money

Ensuring your tyres are at their correct tyre pressure can also help to save you money in the long run. Low tyre pressure increases both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, so running on the wrong pressures will hit you in the pocket and harm the environment as well.

Better performance

Tyres with the correct pressure will improve the vehicle’s steering, stopping and grip. Under-inflated tyres can increase stopping distances by up to eight metres, and double that in bad weather. A vehicle’s grip and handling on the road is also greatly improved when tyres are running on the correct pressures. Over- or under-inflated tyres will mean a far less comfortable driving experience.


*You should be able to find the correct tyre pressure for your vehicle in the driver’s handbook

** All statistics courtesy of Michelin –

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