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By: Fit2Go TPMS / 27th March 2020 /


Don’t miss this full and detailed review of the Michelin Tyre Pressure Monitoring System – Bike, courtesy of David Hooper at Wheel World Reviews.

David first spotted our nifty gadget at the NEC show in Birmingham last year, and having tested the system over a number of months, he reports being impressed.

It’s even helped to pick up a puncture on one of his tyres, which he hadn’t been aware of.

He writes: “I came back after a ride and as I was about to put the bike away, I noticed the tyre pressure monitor flashing a white LED at me and showing the rear tyre pressure had dropped to just 7psi. Fortunately I was on my drive, but the bike would have been dangerous to ride and it proved the worth of the system instantly. I don’t think I really need to say any more than that!”

To read David’s review in full, visit:

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